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My take on The Layover: Los Angeles

My awesome boyfriend first introduced me (not personally, but in a tv way) to Anthony Bourdain & his show No Reservations. This dude is awesome because he just tells it like it is. I think i like Bourdain's new show The Layover even more....36 hrs in one particular city. Well now it's my current city's turn: Los Angeles. Not even 1 minute into this episode and I know I must blog about it and if you've ever wanted to know about life in the city that I reside in, then you must find it on your cable/satellite/internet/whatever, record and watch. Then come back and read this blog again as well.

-Yes, it is so very true what he says about where you are staying helps determine what airport you fly into. I used to live in the infamous "Valley" and Burbank (Bob Hope Airport) was much much closer where as LAX was a bitch and a half to get to pretty much any time of the day. Now I live on the other side of the Hollywood hills where LAX is a hop, skip and a couple of jumps and, if I have to, i can take side streets to avoid the freeway traffic. Now I would never dream of flying out of Burbank. It's a bitch and half to get to from where I live now. Long Beach is pretty much never an option. Also, if you're doing the whole Disney vacation...forget all of those and fly into Orange County (SNA aka John Wayne). Now what he doesn't tell you is that the cheapest fares and the most direct flights are to LAX, usually followed by Orange County, then Long Beach and Burbank is usually the most expensive.
-It's not too often that you see a fast food restuarant on one of these type of shows, but trust me when I say In-N-Out is the bomb and there is a secret menu but you can find most of the "secrets" on the internet if you just google around. Everything he says about the place is spot on as well. they pay their employees above minimum wage and they even have a Burger University that they send the employees who want to make a career with the company (I've seen it!)
-if you can't afford to stay at the Chateau Marmont, but you still want a little bit of the experience, just pop in for a drink at Bar Marmont which is on Sunset Blvd, just down the street from the hotel. Sure you'll pay about $12 for an Absolut/whatever, but it's less than a night in the hotel.
-you are more likely to see celebs hiking at Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills than you are at the beach.
-Hell yes on the food trucks!!! My personal faves are the South Philly Experience, Barbie'sQ, Patty Wagon & the Grilled Cheese Truck. (I've yet to try trucks that Anthony showcases, if you're wondering)
-if you miss Koreatown, you will also miss the 3-story (yes, I said 3) KFC....yes THREE stories of seating for a Kentucky Fried Chicken. They love that shit in Koreatown.
-And if you can't take the Deadly Departed tour of Hollywood, I'm sure my friend Lisa Curry can show you some morbid ass sites. She's shown me where Marilyn Monroe died/is buried, the OJ House & where he didn't commit murder and well, I used to live down the street from Vitello's where Robert Blake didn't kill his wife.
-we name our cars in L.A. because we spend so much time in them. Mine is Mazzy. my boyfriend's is Albert. they're quite the cute couple.
-Don't listen to these chicks about having to valet everywhere you go. It is true about the parking tickets, though. You have to read the signs and then re-read them a couple more times just to make sure. I've even had so many signs that I've gotten out a piece of paper and made to chart to figure out if I can park in the spot and for how long. Still, I rarely pay to park....even when I go to the Sunset Strip. i have my secret places and I'm not telling (because if I do, then I won't have a spot to park in myself...they are that scarce in some places)
-Jumbo's Clown Room is where I once saw a tranny dancer from Tijuana do a fire eating act while dancing. No Joke. Pretty sure that was illegal but she did it. Courtney Love supposedly danced here at one time and I did see Rose McGowan just kicking back in a dark corner having a drink.
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