Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Dear 2011....

Dear 2011....

We are done. please feel free to eff off and die at midnight. I hate you. You sucked even before you began. I started the year still reeling from the loss of one of my first friends in Los Angeles as he passed the morning of New Year's Eve. Then, you continued to suck even more and more....taking my cat from me in April (after watching him suffer for 2 weeks, slowly starving to death as cancer took his vibrant light from my life until I had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep) and my father from me in October (again, cancer sucks & I wish I could've ended his misery like i was able to Nieder's...funny how we give our pets more dignity than humans at times.). You've stretched my relationship with my boyfriend about as much as possible without us breaking up. You even tried to take my health and my livelihood from me with anxiety-related health issues that I've been battling with since my father's passing. One thing after problems, moving drama, job drama (at least I got out of my hell job). I just couldn't seem to get away from your black cloud this year.

I'm shocked as shit that you didn't also take my best friend from me as well. I guess i should say "thank you" for allowing her to walk away practically unscathed from that gruesome wreckage where she rolled her car a few times on the freeway.

It is so hard to find positives when you have been constantly kicked and kicked and kicked in a 12-month period, but I am grateful for an amazingly patient boyfriend, SAG-eligibility, great friends who stuck with me even when i was irrationally convinced that I was dying & a loving Ralph E. Boy whose snuggly puppy love helped ease the loss of Niedermayer kitty.

2012 has to rock...and it will. Like my friend, Lisa, this is my last year of complete anonymity....this year, me and my sweetie become a power couple and take over Hollywood and the world (i hope you're ready to blow up your DVRs trying to keep up with our appearances). This year, Brendan and I will have a lot of sexy time, baseball fun, cookouts galore, entertaining extravaganzas, traveling adventures and even cozy nights in our mid-city mansion.
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