Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Be kind to your servers & bartenders tonight

Tonight is one of the HELL nights if you work in the service industry. Too many reservations, not enough tables, people bitching about cover charges (if your place has one), people being impatient about getting drinks, people drinking too much & getting upset when you won't let them overindulge because you don't want to get in trouble (either with your boss or the law...hello! we can get fined and/or go to jail for overserving and if you're an idiot and drive...well we can also be sued if you hit/kill/maim anyone).

Twice I've personally been puked on at/around midnight by people who can't handle their liquor. It's not fun.

REMEMBER TO TIP YOUR SERVERS AND BARTENDERS!!!! if you can't afford to do so, you can't afford to go out, buy a bottle of something and stay at home. We work insane hours on this day to make sure that you have a good time and we often don't get home until after Hawaii has already celebrated New Year's because we have to clean up after the disrespectful mess that you left. Then, we come home exhausted & having to climb right into bed (especially if you work in a sports bar) because we have to be back at work the very next day. It's not a holiday for us. How would you feel if someone came to party at your house and trashed the place? Think about that when you think it's fun to throw the sugars from the caddies up in the air at midnight! Also, don't start fights...if someone spills a little drink on you, let that crap slide. Unless you were a douchebag, more times than not, it was an honest accident.

Trust that we are working as fast as we can to get you your drinks & don't get mad when we ask you for a credit card to hold your tab open. Too many times people drink too much and then oops....they thought their buddies paid the tab. Guess who pays the tab when you do that? Your server...either with their own cash or even clear up to losing his/her job because you walked out on your tab (depending on where the person works)

We also don't determine drink prices, cover charges, payment policies, drink pour limits. Those are almost ALWAYS management decisions.

in general....don't be a douchebag tonight to people who are just trying to earn a paycheck tonight.
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