Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

2011 isn't done with me yet

this year has been hell and I thought I was ending it on an up note by winning $600 playing fantasy football. nope!

now I'm spending part of my winnings repairing my car because I hit a median divider last night on my way home from work. it was slightly foggy, my car windows kept clouding up despite having my wipers on & I thought I was in a continuous turn lane. it just happens that it went turn lane, divider for like 50 feet and then another turn lane, but I didn't see the divider until it was too late to hit the brakes and I couldn't swerve into lane next to me because some jackass sped up when I hit my turn signal on (people do that ALL THE TIME in la...sooo rude).

I'm fine, but my rim is bent and I blew out my tire. $120 to fix the rim and then I'm going to have to get a tire once that is fixed. then I just pray that there is no further damage to my car. I couldn't have been going more than 30mph so hopefully it's fix the tire and we're done.

I swear I'm going to the beach and burning a 2011 calendar....sorry Jersey Shore calendar but you have to go. I'd burn it in the street outside my place but apparently there is an arsonist running amuk in Hollywood at the moment. that's the LAST thing I need this year.

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