Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

somebody hasn't hit their Xmas sales quota:

So I popped into a store today to get someone a Xmas present. This store is having a "Buy One, Get One Free" promotion, but they also have other items that are also discounted which are a little more suited for the price range I had in mind. The first salesman tells me that the latter is online only & that I won't be able to get them by Xmas (wrong! actually today is the last day for Xmas arrival). He then proceeds to give me similar items for $70 and $80 with the pitch "well it's more but you're getting 2 for that price so it's like paying only $35-40 for each one". Keyword: like!

Now neither one of my college degrees are in mathematics & I'm no Danica McKellar, but I can clearly see the lack of logic in that statement. While, yes, it's less per shirt since I'm getting buy one, get one free, but i'm still spending more money than i told you I planned to spend. Also, if I get 2 of the discounted items I want in the first place, it's still less than the 1 single item that you want me to purchase. He continues to try to put the full-court press on me with regards to these items. I wait for him to wander off somewhere else in the store and then I walk out (after I research certain aspects/options for comparable items). Now as I'm leaving the store I notice a computer kiosk in the middle of the store, I go to another store for some other things and then I pop back into this store, but I find a different sales person & ask if I can use this kiosk since the online Xmas shipping ends at 3pm my time and I won't make it home in time (small lie, but sometimes you have to tell these during the holidays to all kinds of people)

This guy was much better. Totally walked me through the process, checked on me while I was placing the order and then another guy even gave me some boxes to put my order in when it arrived at my home.

Seriously, why is customer service lacking in this country? If I pulled this crap the first guy pulled at my job, I'd be fired. I'm all for upselling (hell, i'm the queen of it....very few people have me serve them shitty well liquor drinks at my tavern because I'm very persuasive when it comes to that). Still, if the customer has their heart/mind set on something, just give them what they want, not the item that is going to look more impressive on your sales figures.
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