Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

working my way back

I'm slowly getting better....I have good days and bad days. I'm more concerned that I'm only weighing about 130 lbs now & I can't seem to eat a lot. I think I pressed my luck the last couple of days eating things that look appetizing to me, but aren't on my "approved" list of things I should eat. This sucks. i want to be well and whole again. it's putting suck a strain on my relationship. I've gone from being this awesome chick with goals and plans to a schedule of pills and making sure I eat each day. I've even had to start therapy.

I've had blood work done (everything came back ok), physical (which the dr said i was fine), thyroid test (ok), ulcer test (nothing), my ultrasound came back clean...every dr (2 urgent cares, 1 health clinic, 1 gynocologist & an ER doctor) says there's nothing physically wrong with me. it's why it boggles my mind that my stomach is still giving me fits and some days I can barely eat.

I plan to have more good days than bad. I will be awesome again. like one of my friends told me to repeat daily: "today will be better than yesterday"
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