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America's Next Top Model recap: Smells like Model Spirit

Oh no...Bre is no longer there to protect Bianca from Lisa and vice versa. Things are going to get interesting to say the very least.
-And we're off to the races with Bianca vs Alexandria. ding ding ding, there's fight number one.
-round two: Bianca vs. Kayla while discussing strengths and weaknesses. All I can say to that is...well you asked Bianca and Kayla gave you an answer.
-Time to design a signature fragrance. I would have mine based in either vanilla, pumpkin or coffee.....or maybe bacon because guys LOVE bacon. I love that Angelea keeps it straight up 716 and names her fragrance after herself. Talk about branding. if that isn't branding, i don't know what is. Of course, Alison has to get her blood fixation in there. Alexandria takes her good ol sweet time picking out her scent to the chagrin of the others who are just tired, bored and ready to be done.
-Next step...taking the scents to the streets and the people while sitting in a bathtub. Well we know this is going to be a riot of a party for Lisa. Bianca isn't down with getting in the bathtub because she doesn't think it fits her brand. Remember Bianca, Tyra doesn't like excuses. You better get in that damn tub or you're going to be throwing out your all-star baby with the bathwater literally.
-Bianca is going to tangle with Nigel. It might work for Caridee English, but it's not going to work for her. Lisa wins the challenge and now she has a hot dog and a fragrance win....and I'm hearing hints of music videos next week....I really hope she comes on strong because despite her crazy troubles in the past, i really think she has a positive energy and well, she's just fun.
-photo shoot time. a night shoot on the back of a motorcycle in Hollywood with Mike Rosenthal while being inspired by either Snooki from Jersey Shore or Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Dear Shannon, i don't think it is possible to have a "tamed down" version of Snooki. Just based on what I saw, I think Shannon, Bianca and Alexandria are going to be popped in the bottom just based on how they did during the shoot. Of course, I've been surprised before because they nail that one single shot.
-I have to disagree with Bianca with regards to Courtney Love, being candid and not getting in a bathtub. Come on, Courtney rolled around in her underwear in front of Madonna for christ sake. I know damn well she would hop in a bathtub to sell her perfume.
-Oh yes, guest judge Kathy Griffin. You know this is going to be a laugh riot. "walk bitches walk". Oh wow...Tyra continues her ongoing flirtation with Nigel as he is "noted SEXY photographer" now...what a change from the beginning of the season when he wasn't even "noted' anymore and had hair. pssss, Ty-Ty...HE'S MARRIED.
-Kayla looks more J-Woww than Snooki in her photo. please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks this.
-duh duh duh....DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!!! They knew it was coming. that's the price you pay when the Ghost of Michael Jackson saves you.
-And then there were 7....1 more and we're probably going on a trip.
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