Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

ANTM recap: Doubleheader time...2 eps in 1 post

Can we puhleez get some driz-ama in this hizzy already? Oh you know it's coming.

-Dominique should just get a job as a J-Lo double already. seriously.
-You are high as shit, Shannon if you are think you are winning.
-yesssss, drama. Bianca and Lisa going at it....Bre should be able to tell Bianca that tangling with Lisa is not the way to go.
-oh puke....they're wearing Karfattian (I mean Kardashian) know, the clothes you wear when you want to look like Armenian hooker.
-Who is going to wipe out on the merry-go-round? This should be about as fun as the pendulum catwalk from Angelea's cycle.
-Angelea...are you nuts? you were like a drunken mess without being drunk. I mean, come on, Miss Jay referred to you as someone's alcoholic aunt.
-Bianca...stop with the entitlement! Those girls work just as hard as you do and some probably harder.
-Uh's bre & bianca vs the rest of the house...shit is about to get damn saucy and good. your ass better not go home now. I wanna see a catfight. send shannon home, she's boring.
-Time to hang with the least popular Jackson family member as the models pose as incarnations of Michael Jackson through the years. Should we really be calling LaToya a "recording artist"?
-Something tells me that Tyra is going to save Lisa because this season is all about branding and Lisa is a brand. I suspect that Tyra is getting tired of Bianca's 'tude. Something tells me that there's going to be a double elimination somewhere along the line now that everyone was saved by Michael Jackson's spirit.

And on to the next episode....
-It's about time that Bre focused on herself. Stop babysitting Bianca already and focus on your own business.
-Angelea might want to take out those huge hoop earrings before playing some flag football.
-i would kill at this football challenge mostly because I can actually throw a football. it's a photo challenge too. Shockingly, Kayla...the girl who used to freak out posing with guys, somehow pulls it off with ease with a pro football player.
-now Tyra has to impose on the challenge wins as well with her magical Tyra cam. Didn't she have an hour show that was all about her already? wasn't that what her talk show was about?
-This photo shoot with Coco Rocha was incredible. yes...finally a photo shoot that I feel inspired by unlike some of the other ones this cycle.
-oh no, who is going to babysit Bianca now?!?!
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