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ANTM All-Stars recap: Killing the English language

before we time on H8R...try NOTHING because you are CANCELED! Thank god. lamest shot ever, though they could've made a whole season of people who hate Mario Lopez (the host) because he's a cheating wormbag of whore.

-Congrats to Lisa for not caving to the temptation of the wine drinking. it shows she's committed to her sobriety.
-Kayla mixes a bunch of drugs and has to be wheeled off to the hospital. of course, considering top model history, this means she will probably rock out a photo shoot and kick some ass in the next challenge. She probably mixed red bull with ibuprofen...that will make your heart race and beat crazy.
-Time for a challenge where the girls compete for a role on CSI. this usually means some really bad acting and some really bad mispronunciations of words. Let's be honest, in most cases, you'd be given more than 30 minutes to memorize a theatrical script. The only time you probably get less time is once you're hired and on set and that's seen more on comedies than dramas.
-Time for a photo shoot with Express. Angelea again, as always, brings the 716. Bianca has a the real world of modeling, they don't give you a word and tell you to act it out. That's why this show is so ridiculous at times. You want to make America's Next Top Model but then you give these girls challenges that would NEVER be seen in the real world of modeling (or acting). I did find her comments quite arrogant, though. No, may have the most experience of all the girls, but they are models just like you.
-Here is comes again "skews a little commercial" the most dreaded words in the industry....until the paychecks arrive.
-Andre is starting to look as if he's annoyed with Tyra. Maybe this is why he won't be back next season. Sad, because I quite enjoy him in my "salon"
-When are Laura's clothes NOT a grandma Wanda Sue creation? I swear, grandma needs to be on Project Runway already.
-So glad that Alison brushed her hair and stopped trying to look like a Taylor Momsen wannabe.
-Camille, Lisa and Bianca are going to be in the bottom and Lisa is probably going home because Tyra doesn't like excuses. At the same time, had she spoken up at the shoot, they probably would've jumped on her for that as well. Often times, this show is "damned if you do, damned if you don't" it's quite hypocritical...much like Tyra herself. preach the "beauty at all ages" on your talk show, yet put an age limit on your modeling show. Want to see drama and get some ratings, put an 18 into a house with a the sparks fly.
-And with that the oldest girl in the competition is Tyra was going to let a 30-something win all-stars in the first place.
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