Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

America's Next Top Model All-stars recap: Attack of the 20-foot model

-I still can't believe that Sheena is gone, but she just didn't have the leeway like she did in her own season to pick up some steam and coast for a couple of weeks. This shit is serious business on this cycle and you have to be firing on all cylinders from the get-go.
-Allison seems to have killed a bear and decided to wear it on her head in the confessional. Considering her crazy fascination with blood, I'm surprised she doesn't have a vial of it in a necklace around her neck as well. She thinks she has spectacular energy? Where is it? every time I see her I want to fall asleep.
-oh's washed-up reality star Kristin Cavavlerri or whatever the hell her name is. Who cares? she was barely relevant like 5 years ago, she's nothing now....hell some of these contestants are probably more recognizable than she is. Alexandra is completely starstruck. you can see it in her eyes.
-Getting interviewed by Mario Lopez is the part where I would get in trouble. The second he asked me a question i didn't like, I'd fire back something about how he's a cheating manwhore who can't stay faithful to save his life.
-oh two snaps and a twist...Angelea is pissed and ready to flick on the ghetto bitch switch. Girlfriend, this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't. Been there, done can never win.
-modeling on stilts. this is either going to be good or a complete shitshow of falls and tumbles. This week it's Bianca's turn to cry in the restroom.
-oh shannon shannon and your underwear thing completely cracks me up. I hope the stylist lied to you and told you it was a swimsuit bottom when it was really boyshorts.
-Add "booty tooch" to the book of Tyra-isms. apparently it's when you stick your butt out but arch your back. When will Tyraspeak be available on Rosetta Stone?
-I'm thinking Angelea and Isis will be the bottom 2.
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