Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

America's Next Top Model All-Stars: Know Thy Brand.

you know the and play along.

-Uh know it must be makeover time because here come the head scarfs, but Kayla's got some hair peeking out. something tells me that the red is back on that girl.
-this whole segment about branding is making me think about my brand. Come on, we all know I'm "sporty"
-what is this? a new tyra word made up by Tyra herself? Makeovers are a thing of the past. Now they are Ty-overs! And look who is there...someone who knows all about nose jobs, bad lip synching & even worse acting Ashlee Simpson.
-I just love it when Miss Jay fucks with the girls and tells them that they're getting their hair chopped and then they barely touch it.
-noooooo noooo Bre, you can't leave me. I need you to scrap over Red Bull and granola bars. Also, is she nuts, she's totally rocking something Halle Berry-ish with that short hair.
-Creating a hot dog based around your brand...uh, duh, I would be totally going ballpark on that!
-I love you Alexandria, but you are such a drama queen. I'm totally getting a Kim Catrell vibe from her with that short hair. I love love love her hair.
-I hope Lisa's dog wins because i want to go to Pink's and eat that "skinny little bitch"
-Oh good! Nigel has his "noted" title back...I was getting a little worried when he didn't have it last week.
-Well if Dominique isn't top model, maybe she can get a gig as J-Lo's double.
-I'm going with Kayla, Camille and Sheena in the bottom because those photos were pretty darn rough. I'm bored just looking at Kayla's photo.
-OMG! This show has officially jumped the shark. Tyra just made Nigel look like one of the 3 Stooges. Thank god, they cleaned that up before the elimination.
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