Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Chicken soup for my soul

The chicken soup to heal my soul was definitely getting this new job. I don't hate my life when I wake up in the morning knowing that I eventually have to go work. it's more work (at least more attention to detail and teamwork) at this new place, but it's definitely less stressful. Most importantly, I make REAL money which leads to less stress. It's allowed me to get over half of Nieder's vet bill paid off even before the 6-month interest free period ends on part of it (that part is already paid off, the rest is 12-month interest free). I'm not miserable when I come home which means I don't unintentionally take it out on Brendan and i have a little bit of wiggle room for fun stuff and important stuff for my career (like new headshots, classes, etc).

A slow night at my old job could sometimes be as bad as $2. So far, a slow night at this job is still often around $100. i have a set schedule for the most part which also allows me to tell my agent "hey this is when I can audition. any other time, I might need a window". It's such a weight off your shoulders when you can plan your life more than 5 days in advance.

My headshots are scheduled. going with Molly Hawkey. Brendan and I are back on track with getting our webseries written and shot for demo reel purposes, I'm starting to look at the classes that i want to take after I get my photos lined up. I'm starting to get back in shape. Things are happening. In my mind, between moving and Nieder passing away, I think it put me in a really stressful depressive funk that i'm FINALLY starting to come out motivation is coming back and that's a good thing. I had become complacent and it was starting to hurt the things I love the most in life. It's amazing how much a "survival" job can destroy you and how much a "thrival" job can propel you.
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