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Irresponsible pet owners deserve a special place in Hell

That might sound a little harsh, but that's exactly how I feel. I would give ANYTHING to just have even 12 more good hours with Niedercat, so it burns me up when people have a pet that is loveable, sweet, playful and full of life yet they make that animal's life miserable or endanger it with their irresponsibility.

My boyfriend and I just spent almost three weeks looking after a stray beagle who was found at his work near Santa Clarita. This is not the first time that this beagle (who Brendan named Revis after football player Darrell Revis of the NY Jets) wandered there. In fact, it was the THIRD time!!! Now, I see it like this: your dog should have an ID tag anyway (and I'm pretty sure a license as well in LA County) so it gets out the first should be putting a tag/microchip something on it and securing your property so he doesn't get loose again. If he gets loose a second time, maybe don't let him off a leash (which you shouldn't anyway with a beagle...they CANNOT be trusted. it's not them, it's their DNA) or set him free even in an ENCLOSED space without strict supervision. If he gets out a third're a fucking idiot who shouldn't even be allowed to own a damn plant, let alone a living, breathing animal who depends on you for food, shelter and care.

Our neighbor here has a little dog that gets out. They know they have a problem and they are constantly actively working on it...the sly little devil keeps digging up under the fence, opening latches, squeezing his body through holes that he shouldn't be able to, but they at least have an ID tag on him so we know where to take him when he gets out.

Back to Revis, though...SIXTEEN DAYS later....these shithead ignoramus owners want him back. I can't believe this shit. of course we legally have to give the dog back, but it burns me up because I know they will not care for him or give him the love, respect and training that he would receive in our household. I know we waffled back and forth whether to keep him or not, but I'd rather him be with us than people who would mistreat him. We were having extreme problems with him on a leash, but we planned to either take him for some behavior modification training or find a rescue for him to get him into a proper loving home (if we couldn't get him trained better). You know these stupid asswipes won't do that. Like Brendan told them in a letter that he wrote to them, I fear that he will found lifeless on the side of the busy road that he had to cross to get to my boyfriend's work. That is sad because this is a loveable heart-of-gold dog who has the ability to be a well-behaved loving companion. We already had trained him to play really awesome fetch and to go to his bed at night when the lights went out instead of jumping in bed with us.

I hope we are able to have animal services visit these people in a week to check that this loving dog has at least been given an id and a license. I doubt they can't take the dog from these shitheads and return him to know, people who will give him a GREAT life, but I can hope.

I'm sorry Revis...I'm sorry you have to go somewhere awful where you won't be treated nearly half as well as you would be treated in our home. I'm sorry people suck at times. Maybe i should just drive up there some night and dognap him. start collecting bail/lawyer money.

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