Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

And so begins a new chapter

Put in my 2-week notice at ESPNzone today and it will probably end up being more like a 4-day notice since I'm scheduled this weekend even though I asked off due to other prior commitments (and I told them that in my 2-week notice).

I have a new THRIVAL (notice I didn't say "survival") job that is a better mental environment. The drain of where I was just happened to be leaking into other aspects of my life. Some mornings I wouldn't even want to get out of bed because I knew eventually i would have to go to a place laced with negativity. I'm sure I'll spill the beans on what made it so awful another time, but when your job is making you miserable to the point that even the perfect boyfriend can't make it right when you come home at night, it's time to get out before it carries over to your relationship. No job is worth endangering what I have with Brendan.

And it's a THRIVAL job because it's a set schedule...i know when I can schedule my auditions, shoots, appoinments, meetings, rsvp for mixers/networking events and not be at the mercy of an ever-changing schedule. It's a small non-corporate gig which might make getting shifts covered a little harder, but at the same time, you know who isn't working and who is, plus they realize you have other goals in life than waiting tables in their establishment. Most importantly....better money and it's got a lot of foot traffic in the neighborhood where it's located. It's not dependent on tourists or basketball schedules or concert schedules....anything like that. Sure it's going to be busy when there are sporting events on the tvs, but it's steady night in and night out due to the pedestrian nature of the area where it's located.

I hate leaving the friends I've made, but it's time to take life and this acting thing to the next level. The first step was moving to the other side of the hill, this is the next step. more changes coming.
Tags: hollywood, mid-city mansion, restaurants
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