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Moving and The Time-Warner/LADWP Tango

Moving is hell. I hate it. I try not to do it. I never did it as a kid. I've rarely done it as an adult. It just plain sucks. None of your friends want to help you and you're on edge and yelling at people you'd normally never yell at. The weather is usually hell (murphy's law. never fails) and when you have a dust allergy, like myself, you can't breathe and usually wind up with a migraine for the length of the bulk of your move (4 days for me) where you still have to function despite the hell.

Somehow, Brendan and I have managed not to kill each other or break up in this whole hellacious process. This is obviously some type of miracle because it's honestly been one thing after another in our relationship since we got back from spring training in AZ to a terminally ill Niedercat. (I still miss him daily and sometime enough that I will just start bawling for no reason other than missing his companionship. Ralphie is a sweet puppy and I love him to pieces, but sometimes I just want my chill kitty & I'm left feeling like a mother who has lost her child).

Moving sucks even more when you wake up to an $800 bill from Time-Warner cable company saying that you've failed to turn in your cable boxes and internet modem. let's backtrack a bit though. I'd already put in 4 phone calls to the cable company: 1. to transfer just my internet service. no need for cable when you have a place that will let you have Dish Network (and trust me, they didn't like hearing why I was canceling my cable) At this call, I offer to take my old equipment to their customer service offices & they tell me to just give them to the tech that comes to transfer my internet. 2. had to call again to confirm the disconnect when the new resident of my old place informs me that she can't get her cable installed because they still have an open account at my place (this fine service called was handled by a rep that wasn't even in this HEMISPHERE!!! Thank you Barry from Argentina! Way to outsource those jobs, time-warner). 3. the next call is to deal with the fact that my cable boxes haven't been turned in (Barry is the first to notify me of this problem, so this is actually a follow up call). I get told to call back in 2 days. 4. Another follow up call....still being "investigated"....

and then the $800 bill pops up in my email. Customer service won't give me the tech's name via phone so I end up not only having to write an email to the regional office (which I find an email addy for on the internet), but then I start calling them out on twitter as well. Not even 30 minutes later, i'm getting a phone call from some executive in a corporate office regarding the situation. AMAZING!!! Amazing that our society has devolved so much that customer service only seems to matter when it's been reduced to 140 characters or less on a social networking site. SERIOUSLY?!?! I shouldn't have to go through emotional hell to get a real person with real answers on the phone.

Now while this guy is getting to the bottom of things, I wake up this morning to 2 text message and 1 automated telephone "reminder" to turn in my cable equipment. Nothing like the smell of harassment first thing in the morning. Anyway, turns out...all the equipment was sitting on a shelf collecting dust in a warehouse! someone forgot to record it into the system! you have got to be kidding me!

Soooooo, just get that solved when the next problem rears it's ugly little head which would be why I'm writing this entry from a Starbucks location. Our power got shut off! Why? because the last resident of our place has some huge outstanding bill. Great! The Dept of Water and Power won't turn it back on until we can prove that we just moved in. Guess what? the copies of the rental agreement are on my computer and in my boyfriend's email and while my laptop has juice, you know what doesn't?!? The printer....and i've got less than 2 hours to get the papers to the DWP office before it closes if we want any hope of the power being turned on tomorrow. thank the baby hey-zeus for FedEx Kinkos. Oh yeah, the nearest DWP is in a not-so-great part of town too (remember what Chris Rock said about MLK jr. Blvd in ANY city?...guess what street the office is on?! SCORE!). Get the papers to there with like a half-hour to spare and then the next road block....they try to tell me that my boyfriend, who is at work, has to be there in person since it's his account and his name is first on the lease agreement. Thank god I can be persuasive at times and that I'm good at welling up with tears when necessary (also thankfully it was some guy waiting on me cuz some chick probably wouldn't have fallen for that)

Oh yeah, the check engine light is on in my car now and I already had to replace my two front tires last week because I hit a pothole on the freaking freeway and killed one of them. UGH! I will be so glad when this crap is over and we can focus on our webseries we are producing and our trip to Ohio so Brendan can meet my family.
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