Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Big things are coming

Brendan and I found our new apartment!!! We're moving to mid-city. I've always wanted to live on the other side of the Hollywood hills just to be closer to all the "action" of "the business" and it's FINALLY happening! Satellite allowed? check. okay for Ralphie? check. Dishwasher? check! parking for both of us? check! We're going to have 2 bedrooms so that we can have one for using as an office, visiting guests, just a space if we need "alone" time to work on acting stuff.

I'm so excited. What I'm not excited about is...packing and moving. I hate that crap & it always seems that I'm moving in like May or June when it's smoldering freaking hot! ugh. Please give me a "june gloom" day that is cloudy (not rainy) & cool.

We're also working on a webseries so I can make myself SAG-eligible and build reel material at the same time. I also have some new job leads that might make me more money so I can get back into the real swing of things acting-wise as far as classes, photos and stuff are concerned.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood
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