Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I wonder if Noah ever got sick of having 2 of everything.

The time has almost come to move in with Brendan. YAY! Not only am I glad because I'm starting that chapter of my life but also because I'm sick of having 2 of everything I need. Sure we only live a mile apart, but after a couple of months of dating, it just got exhausting lugging stuff back and forth especially if I had auditions the next day. So, since about the beginning of the year, it's been 2 of everything: toothbrushes (though my good one is at his place), deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, razor, face name it, I have 2 of it. Home and away, just like a baseball team. I'm sure i've spent between $50-100 at the very least just for ease of living the past 4 months.

Of course this also means selling stuff too because we also have 2 of everything furniture wise it's a matter of what stays and what goes. I'm fighting hard for my fridge to stay, but it might lose because, even though it's nicer, it's like 4 years older than his fridge.
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