Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

RIP Iggy Robert Niedermayer aka Nieder.

Nieder went to kitty heaven yesterday. We took him to the oncologist thinking that he could be treated, but instead she suggested that we put him to sleep. She said that he was definitely blind now which meant the cancer was spreading to his brain. He was also severely dehydrated again and he couldn't maintain his body temperature. The only treatment they could've done would've only delayed the inevitable for a couple days and there were no guarantees of that. The prognosis wasn't good otherwise either as it turns out that his form of cancer was a severely aggressive form and the vet said she rarely if ever saw a cat live more than 3 months with that type of cancer.

I'm at peace. He is reunited with his "boyfriend" Puff who was my roomie Tiffany's cat. Puff passed away about 6 years ago from a heart attack. They used to chase each other all over the first apartment we lived at in L.A. Then after the chasing was the humping (mostly with Nieder on top). I even sent Tiffany a text yesterday that said "It's 3:57pm and Nieder just unleashed his first humping of Puff"

He was a great cat who had a lot of personality and charisma. Not bad for a little guy who was supposedly the runt of his litter and almost died 2 days after I adopted him from a shelter in Columbus, OH (he was 2 months old) due to a nasty upper respiratory infection and dehydration. Iggy was his name at the shelter and then I named him after Rob Niedermayer (a hockey player then with the Florida Panthers). He'll be missed and was truly a one of a kind cat. I truly believe that Nieder was sent as an angel by my late nephew to watch over me and ease the pain in my heart after breaking up with my college boyfriend in the aftermath of my nephew's accident. It seems only fitting that he leaves me just as I've found true love again. I couldn't have gone through any of this without Brendan. He has been absolutely the best boyfriend ever....he stayed with Nieder until the very end at the vet's office so he would be surrounded with love and not pass alone with strangers. I had to leave halfway through the procedure as I couldn't take it emotionally. I'm sure it wasn't easy for him, but I'll be forever grateful that he did that for me.

Rest in peace my sweet Niedermayer kitty. You were the most awesome cat ever.

Iggy Robert Niedermayer "Nieder" 7/31/98-4/6/11
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