Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Why I quit a film project I was cast in.

I pride myself in professionalism, so I usually try to follow through with every project that I am hired for, no matter how bad the circumstance or shitshow it is turning out to be. So why would I give up a role when I so badly need footage for my reel? let me explain. sometimes, you just have to walk away.

I booked this student short over a month ago at Los Angeles Film School (18 page script & my part was a supporting one with 3 scenes). not an official school project so no professor involved (or this would've been an easier thing to deal with as I would've just contacted the professor and let him/her light a fire under this dude's ass), so this was outside the director's courses (from what was explained to me at the table read)

had a script read through, not a problem. scheduled filming for the next Saturday with a rehearsal the night before. At the rehearsal, the director never shows up. instead, his ad films it for him. that night, he sends me a text at 2am saying that we're not filming because of the weather (that was the day it snowed/sleeted in Los Angeles) but I found it odd because all our scenes are indoors. Now instead of filming, he wants another 3-hr rehearsal. ok, I go...practice makes perfect. filming now moved to the next Sat which comes & I hear nothing until the next Friday night in the form of another email telling me to enjoy my weekend. at this point I've now taken 3 days off of work to accommodate his filming that never happens. this is where my boyfriend (who is an actor too begins telling me to tell this guy to shove it but I decide that the director will just have to work around my work schedule as I'm not requesting any more days off just for his project)

He calls me this Sunday to tell me that he has now recast one of the roles and wants me to have another 2-3 rehearsal with just this new guy even though I only have a single improvised line (on my part) in my scene with new guy as the character leaves the scene (he's pretty much just there for atmosphere). Then the director wants to film Tuesday (today). I hear NOTHING from him yesterday & made the decision that if I heard nothing as of 10pm I was quitting the project. He sends me a call sheet at 2:30am this morning wanting me to film at 5pm tonight (with my name spelled COMPLETELY wrong on it...apparently my name is Kelly now). I wrote back telling him that due to hearing nothing from him that I've made other plans & will be unable to continue on the project. enough is enough. I'm not getting paid (in fact I lost money by taking off work) & I know I'd probably have to pull teeth to get my copy of the project for my reel in the long run and since there is no professor to contact, probably never see it. I hate burning bridges like this but I really have better things to do with my time than the call time tango like work on my own project to make myself sag-eligible.

welcome to hollywood, kids.
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