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happy valentine's day culinary coma

Jersey made me dinner last night for valentine's day since we both worked on Monday. he put me in a culinary coma with his surf & turf dinner. it was supposed to be 3 courses but I never made it to dessert cuz I was stuffed.

jambalaya soup with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops & sausage. the seafood was cooked in butter & beer.
drink: sam Adams scotch ale

main course
steak and lobster. I named our lobster Larry after the cheap indians owner Larry Dolan because I want to drown and boil him for being cheap with my baseball team. this was after the first name choice, LeBron, was vetoed by Jersey who told me to stop being bitter about a basketball player.
drink: Pinot grigio

was supposed to be a pound cake with berries, chocolate & Hanna whipped cream but turned out being a vanilla vodka with root beer drink. I guess I'll have dessert tonight with more of the soup we had leftover

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