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Bloggin America's Next Top Model: Hands off my Italian Vogue, bitch!

-let's put this out there right really doesn't matter who wins tonight. they're both going to get signed and have careers. it's not like Ann has to go back to TX or Chelsey has to go back to waiting tables in that fashion mecca known as Boise, ID.
-here comes the tears....they always show up in the finale.
-this shoot for Vogue Italia has to be such a letdown (later) for the person who doesn't win because they do all this work for nothing.
-shameless unpromoted plug....Lash blash fusion really is some bomb-ass awesome mascara. I love the stuff.
-I'm going to be honest, that first take...Chelsey looks a little darn fake.
-I think they should do the commercials like this always for the finale. do the shots and then add the voiceovers later.
-Love that they're having a meet and greet with the head of IMG as well.
-yeah Chelsey is getting signed no matter what....and probably IMG.
-more than likely, they didn't fly the eliminated girls back.....they were at a safe house or at least they didn't fly Jane & Kayla back. They just put them up in a house/hotel elsewhere for a couple of days.
-Ann looks like a deer in headlights her first time down the runway and Chelsey swings her arms too much down the first time. Round 1 is a draw.
-Ann looks like she's dragging one of her feet on the second walk....and again Chelsey with the arms, but not as much. Round 2 Chelsey
-I really would like Ann to win just because of the arc she has taken and how much she has grown.
-Ah yes, one more narcissistic backstage moment with Tyra before we bid adieu to this season. model "elevated"!
-i think for product that Chelsey's photo isn't that great. she's selling mascara and her eyes are kinda looking down on the shot where her lashes get lost into her eyes. I prefer Ann's picture over Chelsey.
-hahaha, look at that! Ann has a personality after all. Nice fake out on the high 5!
-Tyra, you knew fashion at 17 because you were working in fashion at 17.
-Andre looked kinda pissed when Tyra said "we've reached a decision". Of course that could be editing.
-I prefer Ann over Chelsey considering the prize and agency.
-Chelsey looks so insanely pissed.....oh relax, you're still going to get signed, you're still going to work. This would also indicate that Andre's look was edited in for dramatic effect. This is seriously a GREAT winner because it finally gives them a REAL high fashion looking winner.
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