Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model: Boise, capital.

-Dear've been pursuing a high fashion modeling career this WHOLE time yet you've been living in Idaho?? Color me confused, but when did Boise become a mecca of fashion? Did it coincide with Boise State's rise to prominence in college football and I just wasn't clued into the fact? And why does her hair look like it's a shade of green when the light hits it the wrong way?
-Kayla gyrates her hips pretty well for a chick who doesn't do the horizontal mambo with men.
-wow, Ann gets really excited about that Tyra Mail. don't overexert yourself or anything.
-it's almost as if they are either setting this ep up for Ann's downfall or her rising above everything finally. It's been very Ann-centric so far.
-Andre looks like he's getting ready to tend to some bees rather than seeing the painting of The Last Supper.
-it must be hotter than hell in Italy because everyone is constantly in shorts.
-i have to admit, i really like this moving editorial idea. it's like a commercial, but it's not. I also have to admit that it's going to be a really difficult elimination
-hey....make sure you stay tuned for Tyra's narcissistic directorial debut. she's only made sure that everyone knows it's her DEBUT like 3204983 times. let's not forget the pre-judging backstage moment either.
-I have NO idea who is going home just based on the videos. For once, I'm simply stumped. I'll go with Kayla and Chelsey going home.
-hey....tyra just wants to remind you one more time that it's her debut.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood, tv
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