Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model: posin like a statue

-Who doesn't love the go-see episode?!?! It's ALWAYS an absolute shitshow and a half.
-only took how many cycles to cover how to put together one's portfolio?
-again...famous last words "i've been on go-sees before"
-somehow Chris, I don't think he's calling you back. he thinks you look like a model from the 80s
-Chelsey apparently has not learned about the buddy system.....and neither have Ann or Kayla.
-never fails....someone always gets disqualified as well.
-i've never seen a group make it to so few go-sees. Only 1 person made it to more than 1. awful.
-yes, because Versace would TOTALLY send you a knockoff Versace jacket for winning the challenge. of course that crap is real.
-oh look, you might be able to see George Clooney's Lake Como place.....nah, just kidding.
-also never seen a cycle with so many male models being used.
-I'm going to go with Chris and Jane in the bottom 2 and that's based on the shoot having not seen the photos yet.
-time for Tyra's backstage narcissistic moment in the sun. who doesn't love a good convo about tartare?
-This elimination should really be a no-brainer, but then again...we've seen some shocking things over the years.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood, tv
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