Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model:

-Gee. wonder where the models are headed on a trip considering the prize this season is ITALIAN Vogue. You only get 1 guess.
-Tangled....I'd say it was the story of my train wreck of a mop, but I took care of that ish today. I have to admit, I was thinking that it would be the story of how Taylor Momsen ended up with a dead blond raccoon bobbling on top of her neck.
-They really need to invest in some security at that Top Model house. No wonder it is for sale now. There must not be any doors on it. Anyone can just walk in whenever. Heck, if i knew that, i would've just taken a couple suitcases when I saw it on my beach walk and started doing some house squatting in it.
-The canals!!! I love the canals. I worked a part-time temp gig last summer for someone who lived on the canals in Venice, CA.
-Every time I see Venice, Italy...i think of the movie "Cassanova" with Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace)
-that bird was just pissed they didn't share their champers with him. That's why he pooped. What can I say? shit happens & everybody poos.
-oh no, it's the end of the world, Liz....a bird pooped on your arm. you might have to amputate it now.
-here we go with Liz and some more complaining.
-Sucks to be someone in this competition because they're going to get to see the new house in Milan, but one unlucky girl is going to get axed before they sleep there.
-Wow, security is just as lax in Milan as it is Venice, CA. damn, doesn't Tyra make sure there are locks on these houses?
-it's about time that Tyra infused some REALITY with regards to the modeling industry into a REALITY show about the modeling industry....only took like 15 cycles.
-uh oh....Chelsey is going to pass out. It was must REALLY be insanely hot in that room. There's a first, sitting during judging.
-Love how Andre cut Liz's complaining off. hahaahaha.
-oh no...Tyra is back to her judging cliches. please make it stop.
-I have no idea who is going to end up in the bottom 2....Liz, Ann, Chris...they all had some horrible dreckitude in their pix...Liz for sure. they HAVE to be sick of her complaining.
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