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Bloggin America's Next Top Model: I got a brand new pair of roller skates

-This should be the last elimination before the show hits the road for some exotic locale.
-Is it just me or does Esther look like a slightly prettier umphed-up va-va-va-voom version of Sarah Silverman?
-Do people not know how to knock when they just show up at the model house?
-Hello Zac Posen!! Love your dresses....including the one that I own :) Can he just design for Target all of the time?
-oh snap...this is going to be awesome. The professional models are being told to PURPOSELY be catty to the contestants....let's cut the crap. You know this probably isn't hard for some of them. don't get me wrong, there are some nice models out there (I try to be nice), but there are some really nasty catty bitches out there and if you get even 5 models together it's almost for certain that one of them is going to have at least a slight bitch switch that they can flip on.
-poor Ann, I really hope she rises up above this stuff because she's awesome.
-Esther thinks she is on her way with that walk. yeah...she's on her way.....HOME.
-I'm glad they told them that it was all an act by the real models so they didn't think these girls were total bitches.
-Seriously, people really do just walk in without knocking at this house. geez!
-oh look, they're doing their shoot/makeup on the same stretch of beach that I took a stroll with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. Hello venice!
-Kayla sounds like she needs some therapy not a photo shoot. I know that probably sounds harsh, but it's true. It's not the fact that she's a lesbian and not attracted to guys, but the fact that she's completely SCARED of guys in general to the point she doesn't want to interact even. What really sucks is that this show is freaking exploiting the fact that she's told NO ONE about the incident that made her scared of males and left the mics completely on. Anything for ratings. Welcome to Hollywood.
-Dr. Jay Manuel....(un)licensed psychologist.
-famous last words on any episode of Top Model involving a commercial "I felt confident because i memorized my lines". Nine times out of 10, that's a one-way ticket to multiple take meltdown city!
-The one thing that I've learned is that if you can laugh at yourself then you take power from people to laugh at you in a demeaning insulting way. That's why I often don't give a shit if I'm making a fool out of myself or if I look silly doing something. I just go for it!
-and now Kayla....the whole entire Top Model viewing audience knows about it because you told it on camera.
-Time for this week's backstage narcissistic Tyra moment. Could you imagine if Tyra Banks and LeBron James dated? Think about that for a moment. All that narcissism at one single table for 2!
-oh darn... H2T (Head 2 Toe) water isn't real!??!!? crap! and I was hoping to get some at my local 7-11.
-I think the commercial is going to come down to Chris and Jane for the best take.
-it is sooooo painful watching Ann's commercial. like i wanted to watch it through fingers covering my eyes.
-why why why did they put that god hideous yellow top on Chelsey with her hair being that blonde? It looks awful.
-Esther is soooooo going home. As for who is joining her in the bottom 2, it's a crapshoot. there were so many damn really bad commercials: Ann's awkwardness, Liz not taking it seriously.
-hmmmm, maybe Andre will actually save Esther (but we know that Tyra overrides everything). in that case, Liz and Ann will end up in the bottom 2.
-At least there wasn't the heartbreak of being teased with the change of location only to get told "'re not going cuz you just got eliminated"
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