Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model:

-everyone is going all "ding dong the witch is dead" with regards to kaycee being eliminated.
-I still can't figure out who Liz reminds me's someone.
-That's pretty darn impressive that Esther is maintaining her kosher lifestyle while being on the show. Especially when you don't know if your housemates are going to respect your dietary concerns.
-See that Grammy Museum? yeah, I walk by that every single time that I go to work. I actually have 2 free tickets to use there by the end of the year. (gee, wonder who I will take with me)
-Friends don't let friends shop for, this challenge is going to piss some people off something fierce....and not in a "FIERCE" Tyra way either.
-did Jane even look in a mirror before she stepped out on the stage? the string that you hang the dress with is sticking out by her armpit and that dress looks like it's never seen a steamer either.
-who doesn't love it when the alcohol starts flowing in the Top Model house? This might be as good as when Lisa in cycle 5 was talking to plants.
-Kendall is totally going to end up in the bottom 2 after this debacle of a shoot.
-I think Esther might be joining her as well.
-Liz & Chris might actually challenge Ann for best picture....hopefully because this crap is getting beyond predictable.
-time for Tyra's Narcissism-cam...backstage before panel.
-OH NOOOOOOO! THE JUMPSUITS HAVE RETURNED!!!!! quick...light them aflame before they can reproduce! wait, it's's just a hideous outfit by Tyra
-damn i'm good....just saying.
-YESSSS! Zac Posen next week....i might very well watch the episode (and blog it) in my ZP dress!
Tags: entertainment, hollywood, tv
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