Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-If Ann gets that confidence kicked into high gear, watch out. call the competition over and just give that title to her already because unless she really screws up a runway, it's going to be lights out game over.
-Nothing like a group project to bring the drama with Kacey. This has clusterfuck debacle written all over it.
-we're here at walmart (like some 30 miles outside of Los Angeles because there are no Walmarts actually IN Los Angeles).
-I give the group presentation to the 2nd group.
-why can't there be makeup mirrors like that in Walmart, that would rock.
-hahhahahaha Kendal called it Rodeeee-o Drive not Roe-day-oh. awesome! Always fun when people mispronounce that.
-Tyra isn't messing about with the photographers this season. she has stepped up the game. These guys HAVE to owe her favors or something!
-Tyra Tyra tyra....of course you have to show off how you'd do it. don't you remember retiring?
-you're all frustrating me with this shoot!
-Liz almost looks like Sam Ronson in that outfit.
-time for some tyra narcissism before judging.
-pack your bags Kacey, you are SOOOOOOOOOO going home and i'll eat this damn computer piece by piece topped with onions (which I'm allergic) if you don't.
-wooooo bonus pictures!!! beauty shots.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood, tv
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