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Bloggin America's Next Top Model: Nacho Model Libre! bye Rhianna, you weren't memorable anyway. I couldn't even remember you got eliminated last week.
-When Secretariat bombs as a movie, will we be making horse/glue jokes?
-Enough about your damn kid already, Liz. Geez, I hate when people pull the kid card to garner attention and sympathy. she also needs to shave her damn armpits.
-SHUT UP!!! I think I drove past this challenge!!! I drive past this tunnel when I go to/from work (when I don't take the subway).
-famous last words, Kacey...famous last words. overconfidence about the runway walk/photo shoot/challenge.
-wow, that converyor belt runway must be intense if someone would rather have natural childbirth instead of walking on it
-oh boy Kacey, you obviously have not seen former cycles. otherwise that you know that pride comes before the fall....and elimination.
-a nice little visit from Andre and Karolina Kurkova. she looks freaking amazing. I want that smoothie recipe.
-if given the choice between food on the counter and bobby pins on the counter, I think i'm going with the food. Seriously, keep your hair crap out of the kitchen. leave it in the bathroom. who the hell does their hair in the kitchen?
-Oh snap, bitches be fighting and getting bleeped. this is where the fun begins.
-Didn't we do Mexican wrestling as a theme before? Wait, nevermind, that was Project Runway and a regular wrestling WWE Divas thing.
-Lexi is so going home. She has to. come on, bottom 2 last week. shit picture with shit film this week. No brainer unless Tyra saves her for her "unique" look. We all know that T has the FINAL decision.
-Ann is so extremely hardcore model material and she doesn't even realize it. that is natural talent.
-so now we're having photos at judging too?
-I don't know who i would put with lexi in the bottom. maybe Jane or Kendall.
-That's nuts with Ann and the pictures.
-Jane kinda reminds me of Heidi Klum when she first started out. I think it's the hair.
-oh nice catty remake from the eliminated one. for an "athlete" that's not a great show of sportsmanship
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