Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Where's a freaking man when you need one?

(I know the answer to this question so no need to answer it.)

I currently have bed pieces all over my apartment and a giant box sitting in my hallway that I can't move. That's after I drove home with like a 1/4 of it sticking out of my trunk and kept telling myself "don't cut people off. don't cut people off" the whole time I was driving home. Then, having to call like everyone in my contacts to finally get someone to come over and help me get it to my apartment. I just hope there's not a quake because I can't put this damn thing together until like tomorrow night or Friday day & it's sitting in my freakin hallway against the wall. hopefully, I remember it's there and don't walk into it. Well at least i'm not blind anymore in the mornings so that shouldn't be a problem.

Granted, i should've waited to get this new bed, but I realized how much it drives me crazy that my beloved 4-poster bed that I thought would be so great squeaks even if I move a single muscle while in it. That and I keep catching my toes in the end rails of it. The cat jumps on me in the middle of night, it squeaks, it wakes me up. Don't even get me started about earthquakes with that bed. Let's just say that I get about a 1-second warning and then I think I'm going to die. Yes, this is the same bed I wanted since I was like 16. Yes, I got it as soon as I got out of college. This is one of those grass is greener things. I've actually had THREE of these frames. Each one worse than the other. The one I had in Columbus was great. The two out here? don't ask me why when I bent the frame on the first one I thought it would be a sparkingly brilliant idea to get the same damn bed. It's that mentality that "couldn't have it growing up" so I'll have it now. Which would probably also explain all the pink in my room which is also now going bye bye.

I thought Indian Bollywood was a good decorating choice. I got the idea from the Cycle 5 America's Next Top Model photo shoot. I thought it would be great, I'd have this bed with curtains and bright colors and waking up every day would be sunny and wonderful. It's also ALONE! Turns out, as a friend pointed out to me a while ago & I laughed it off, "no man is going to want to wake up around that much pink" (for the record, it's fuchsia). another guy said it looked like a 16-yr old's fairy princess bedroom (in my defense, I AM THE QUEEN OF OHIO...wait, hang on....queens probably graduate to more regal colors. hmm makes sense). I don't know how it happened, but it did. I suspect that I overcompensated because i never really had a "princess" phase growing up. I was always tomboying it up. See moms, this is what happens when you don't let your children pick out the decor for their rooms growing up and you make them live with your decorating choices. You get a grown woman who has so much pink that it looks like Hello Kitty threw up a hairball in my bedroom.

So i'm now redecorating my bedroom to make it more guy friendly or just simply more adult....geez, took me long enough. Rack this one up to my immaturity as well if you want. I still stand by my overcompensating defense though.

Hey, does anyone want to buy a 4-poster canopy bed?
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