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Bloggin America's Next Top Model: in the air & under the sea

-Oh Tyra, you are just way too perky in the recaps. Do we really need to revist this god awful most hideous idea of a photo shoot ever? Stop the insanity.
-only 1 will appear on the pages of Vogue Italia.....unless you're likes Australia's Next Top Model and announce the wrong winner and then give a prize to the runner up as well to save your ass. Could you imagine if that happened on America's Next Top Model. You'd see Tyra beating some ass Naomi Campbell-style straight up on camera.
-attention Liz, maybe if you knew what a condom was & didn't get knocked up at like 18, you wouldn't have to worry about NEEDING this competition because you're on food stamps trying to take care of a baby.
-oh hell yes! who doesn't love it when the girl with the boyfriend calls up the male models from the shoot or gets super flirty with them? You know there's always boyfriend drama afterwards too because the girls almost always confess because they know if they don't, they will have to when it airs.
-Hello Knott's Berry Farm. I rode my first roller coaster ever there. I was 14 and my cousin threw me on it and said "you're riding". It was not the Silver Bullet. wow, i'm going to start posing on roller coasters now. haha.
-Tea time with Tyra! Where Tyra eats, eats and eats.
-never fails, there's always an angry black girl in the cast. I think it's a requirement.
-what is Rhianna's thing with hats? ever notice that she's always wearing one?
-think mermaids this photo shoot idea. a MUCH better improvement from last week's crap.
-now in real-life modeling if you said you were having a problem with your contact, the makeup artist would come in a work with you. On Top Model, it's considered complaining, whining and not pushing through. Welcome to reality tv.
-I think Liz & Chelsey are going to be in the bottom....maybe Rhianna, she was in the ep a lot. The reality show forumla usually goes "get a lot of face time because you're going home"
-I honestly think it's a record for best photo. It has to be. I don't remember anyone doing this. One can only wonder when she's going to crack to the pressure because when you're on top, the only place to go is down.
-anyone notice that between judging panel and elimination time that Chelsey removed that hookerish looking red lipstick?
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