Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

How the HELL is Chad Ochocinco on a most hated athlete list

This story broke last week that Chad Ochocinco is on a "most hated athlete" list at NUMBER 4?!?!?! When I saw the list, all i could say was (in Ocho's words) "C'mon Son! Child Please!" and I said it more so when i saw the rest of the list.

1. Michael Vick: ok, this idiot abused animals.
2. Tiger Woods: this douche abused women...or at least disrespected them.
3. Terrelle Owens: I'm sure all the pissed off fans of his former teams landed him here. Let's hope his "unemployment" spell humbled him a little.
4. CHAD OCHOCINCO: are you kidding me?!
5. Kobe Bryant: cheated on his wife, possibly raped a chick a while ago, plays for the obnoxious Lakers...i get it.
6. LeBron "Quitness Traitor" James: no comment.

CHAD?!?!?! REALLY?!?! You're going to lump him in with that body of work? again....CHILD PLEASE!!!

Should we really be hating someone for having fun? He doesn't drink so he's not getting DUIs, he doesn't tote guns around the place, he's taking care of a "pregnant pigeon" so it's obvious he loves animals (though I don't know that he should be feeding it his Ochocincos cereal). He takes complete strangers from his twitter feed to dinner & movies on his dime. He arranges for his sponsors to buy up tickets so the Bengals won't get blacked out and then gives them away to people who normally couldn't afford to go to games and people hate on his for this!??! I don't get it.
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