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Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-First off, thank the lord that Tyra has the common sense to boot off Annamaria last week. It was clear as day that the girl has a serious eating disorder after saying that she LOVED the fact that she could see her ribs and that she didn't have a problem. She looked freaking more emaciated than an Ethopian refugee. In fact, she makes starving Africans look obese. The sad reality is that she will leave the show, probably go to New York and someone WILL sign her, some photographer WILL take pictures of her, some designer WILL work with her and some clients WILL book her. That is just the sick sad reality of the modeling business....some people simply just don't care if they are sending a skeleton down the runway.
-you can always tell when it's makeover week because they make the girls do all their interviews with headscarfs on. which means the interviews are done and edited in AFTER the action. there's a little behind the scenes dish for you.
-here comes the sob stories about the chicks who were too fucking stupid to use a damn condom and got knocked up at like 19. "waaaah, i miss my baby!"
-oh shit, everyone freak out, Tyra is the model house!
-makeovers.....more tears coming. I know what Tyra means about the hair though...I'm dealing with possibly having to cut mine at some point, but I love/hate being asked if my hair is extensions
-stop the press, call the paparazzi, Tyra is gonna come out of retirement to walk the catwalk in the model house. I dare someone to tell her that Naomi Campbell is still the best walker ever (which is why she STILL walks fashion weeks at like 40)
-That fake makeover list might go down as the best stunt EVER on Top Model. I'm dying laughing. seriously, I have to agree that Lexie gave a great performance....let's nominate her for an Emmy award along with Lindsay Lohan's courtroom tears and Derek Jeter's "oh I got hit with the ball, but it really hit my bat" performance.
-well there's a first, kicking someone out right AFTER the makeover. All that work for pretty much, well nothing. at least you get to go home with pretty hair.....well, unless you're Terra, who pretty much got her head shaved.
-ok, that lightning was totes fake on the beach. I haven't seen lightning in Los Angeles in like well over a year.
-I think Lexie and Sara are going to be in the bottom 2.
-"He's noted. He's sexy and he's a photographer" Yes, Tyra and Nigel is also MARRIED....stop flirting with him.
-this was a BOMG of a photoshoot. honestly...i don't ever think i've seen film this freaking bad. serious dreckitude!!! I haven't seen that much dreckitude ever....there was so much dreckitude that my own personal Pandora's Box of all the modeling pictures I've ever done has less dreckitude!
-let's drop some serious dose of honesty here...if you get on ANTM, you can pretty much get an agent to rep you SOMEWHERE! Might not be a top agency, might not be a major market, someone WILL rep you. end of story.
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