Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-so this season is supposed to be all about super high fashion yet it's in Los Angeles. Baffles my mind. You know, you really should be in NYC if that's your game plan for this season. LA is STILL commercial even in its editorials.
-So Ann wants a warlock who spits fire and he has to make sushi. Lucky for her that the model house is right on Venice Beach. She should be able to find that down there in about 5 minutes.
-yes moron, you get a harness. I can't believe that chick seriously thought "oh you fall, you die". Do you really think ANY tv is going to take that kind of liability risk? Models....they can't all be rocket scientist and Ivy league grads.
-Terra walks like a linebacker for the NY Giants.
-nothing like sending a girl into a photo shoot with smeared makeup because you made them cry by talking to them about being bullied AFTER the makeup was done. i'm sure the makeup artists appreciated that.
-seriously, someone take Kayla to a vocal doctor because that voice is beyond irritating.
-Anamarie has an eating disorder...plain and simple. kick her ass off just so she'll get some help.
-so far, these chicks are boring the piss out of me for the most part.
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