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Bloggin America's Next Top Model

Hey, welcome back to AMTM weekly rundown....we have a new addition this season with the commentary from one Miss Brooke aka lady_bogside

-wow only took FIFTEEN cycles of America's next top model to get a REAL fashion magazine on board.
-nothing like a nice narcissistic intro about how she was discovered by Tyra herself.
-oh boy, pageant girl....we've seen this before. let's hope this one makes it to the makeover so we can see the meltdown
"do something about your fucking mop head." (re: Kayla)- Brooke
-i just saw jacked up teeth.
"if you have an apostrophe in the middle of your name you're automatically eliminated" - Brooke
-everyone spaz out....Tyra is here (you know a production assistant was prodding them to do that)
"so this is like...uh...what the fuck? she's fug!" -Brooke
"this is like genetic malfunction cycle" - Brooke
-(commercial) oh look, they gave Harry Potter's owl a movie.....well that's good that she's gonna work after those movies are over as well.
-Brooke just called Miss J "aunt jemima"
"this week on Blossom" (Rhianna)- Brooke
-Put away the torpedos, Esther....the war is over!
-well....we have our token single mother. there's always at least one! learn what a fucking condom is!
"oh god! here's the virgin!" - Brooke
-let the cuts comes the tears first round!
"those who can't model, design" -Brooke
yay! we got our token baby mamas!
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