Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

David Stern panders to LeQuit James & kisses his ass.

If you haven't seen the letter that Dan Gilbert wrote openly to LeQuit James after all the Cavs fans had to be witness to his QUITNESS & his public urination on and humiliation of the city of Cleveland & his home state of Ohio on primetime national tv, go read that first and then come back to here.

David Stern, in his efforts to be Billy Badass like Roger Goodell of the NFL, has decided that particular letter warrants a $100,000 fine for being out of line, yet does NOTHING to his beloved "Golden Child" LePippen. Nevermind the fact that it's looking soooooo obvious that The Threee AmEGOS in Miami had this planned well before July 1st (player tampering anyone?).

Here's what I say....every Cavs fan, citizen of Cleveland & Akron should drop a $1 or $2 in a collection bin outside the Q. That should take care of that fine.

Hey Stern...while you're kissing LeBitch's ass, maybe you can kiss Jesse Jackson's ass well (funny how Jackson compared Dan Gilbert to a "slave owner" yet doesn't realize that Stern is actually more guilty of that than Gilbert which is why Stern is kissing LeChoke's ass. that's his "Golden Child" who he makes all his money for his league off of. I hope Stern remembers this when LeEgo starts to think he's above the law of the league.) And, as a friend pointed out, would we still be having this convo is the Cavs were owned by an African-American and/or LeBlow was white?

And remember, Cavs fans....LeBron may be headed South, but his mama is still riding West (Delonte West, that is!...and I hope he knocks her up with twins so LeTraitor has to hear half-siblings call Delonte "daddy" in stereo!)
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