Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

done supporting people who don't support me.

I was in a fashion show saturday...and like many runway shows, plays, screenings & social events prior....NO ONE showed up. Not a single damn one of my friends cared enough about me to show up. Now some had legit excuses and that is okay (Adrienne is out of town, my roomie was with her parents), but I'm sick and tired, repeat SICK & TIRED, of going to people's shows and stuff and then when I ask them to support me, crickets chirping. I couldn't even get them to come with free admission and an open bar (like people in LA turn down free alcohol...apparently they do if i'm involved.)

Do you know what it's like to be the only person who didn't have someone there to support them? I have several times and it freaking sucks! I have taken time off work or put off things that I want to do and such to see bands play, go to comedy show, plays, birthday parties, etc. yet the same common courtesy isn't extended to me. Well fuck that. I'm done. No more supporting people who don't have the respect to do the same for me.

I posted this show like DAILY on both facebook and twitter for like a week leading up to it. Status lines, retweets from the designer, tweets of my own, links to some of the press we were receiving, sent out emails.....again, crickets chirping. Only to get a lot of "why didn't you tell me about it" Um....I DID! pay attention.

yet just another one of the reasons I hate Los Angeles, the selfishness & two-faced behavior. Back when i did shows in Columbus, at least people would be honest and just tell me that they weren't interested in going to a fashion show. Therefore, from now on, when I get invites on facebook, I'm calling people out or just flat out not going....better yet, maybe do what some have done to me, say I'm going but then not show up. I don't care if someone gets offended or their feelings hurt.....guess what? My feelings were hurt as well.

Sometimes I feel like I'm "adored" by many, but loved by none.
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