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Find me somebody to love....

It's been over a year since I've been on a date. Over two years since I've been on a date that actually materialized into something more.
Granted the 99-cent store Spencer Pratt/Blondie Bear Douche Bag turned out to be just that, but he was nice at first and paid for the first date which is more than I can say for the guy from just over a year ago. You know, the asshole who showed up two drinks in, got in a verbal confrontation with the table next to ours, then threw $25 in the check presenter claiming that covered his half (barely, with no tip) & then texted me the next night at 11pm (in the middle of my fashion show) followed by inviting me to a pub crawl on a Sunday night a couple days later.

I've come to the conclusion that single guys in L.A. are pure shit. They are representation of the city itself: shallow, self-absorbed and douchey. I, of course, having an age that starts with the number "3" am used, damaged goods. (at least in the eyes of L.A. guys). They want the docile girls under 30 with no brains & big tits who haven't eaten since their 11th birthday & think sporting events are excuses to dress like total skanks. I have EVERYTHING going against me for dating in L.A.: age, an opinionated mouth, intelligence that I refuse to hide, a chest I refuse to get augmented, I like to eat and I can name every World Series winner since 1985. That's one of the main reasons that I plan to leave L.A. as soon as I have the money...I don't care if I throw everything away acting/modeling, I'd rather do that then spend my life alone. All the good-looking decent men are already taken here.

Taking a gander at my "who's viewed me" on makes me want to slit my wrist and just call it a day. Few guys under 40 have looked at my profile and the ones who are under 30 are so hideous looking that I'd have to drink a bottle of vodka just to get "beer goggled" enough to go on a coffee date with them & then possibly carry mace because they look like serial killers. The ones over 40 aren't much to look at either. I'm simply NOT attracted to older guys at all. I never have been (other than celeb crushes, but I don't think some 40-something John Taylor look-alike is going to pop into my inbox either)

I know it's not right, but I've decided to lie about my age on my profile. People always say I look anywhere from 26-29 in person, so I went with 29.....just to get that dreaded death sentence "3" off the front of my age. I did put a disclaimer in my profile, though, so I don't look completely dishonest.

I've just pretty much come to the conclusion that until I can get out of this hellhole city that I'm probably going to be utterly and completely alone. I've been on for 6 months now without a single date. The longest correspondence I've had has been about 3 emails. (my "GUARANTEE" will kick in here in about 2 weeks where I get 6 more months of something that isn't already working free since the first 6 months just saw guys lining down the sidewalk for me). Meanwhile....2 more friends got engaged. ugh. I'm starting to think it will never be me. which sucks because i know I'd be really awesome for some guy: I cook, I watch sports, I don't mind fetching beers, I'm comfortable in my own skin & I have a Victoria's Secret credit card that is probably just as lonely as I am (if you catch what i'm getting at)

It feels like the universe is saying "I gave you chances, you blew it both times."
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