Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

This team is sucking my will to live.

It's not even the Tribe that's doing the exhausting of me to the point I can't write (or think a complete sentence at the end of the night). It's not even a baseball team doing it (I would NEVER cheat on Chief Wahoo). It's the freaking Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, a basketball team is wearing me out....or at least their fans are.

My "survival job" (you know the job that pays the bills until acting/modeling/even my baseball blog or something sports related pays the bills) involves me dealing with this unruly rude bunch who appear to have been raised by wolves considering they act like savage heathens regardless of whether they win or lose. They are demanding and exhausting! What little energy I have left is usually used to go make a strong stiff drink after work because they've riled my Irish temper so bad with their ridiculous demands and their constant sense of entitlement. You're at a sports bar, not a 5-star restaurant!!! (in fact, in the eyes of Yelp, we're only like a 2.5 star deal....and that's up from the 2 stars from when i first started there. just saying)

Bear with me faithful readers. (hope i haven't lost any of you). I will try to write more tomorrow and play catch up. After all, there's been another Indians mailbag on their website and therefore, that means PARODY TIME!!!

Plus I have lots of other stuff going on.

BTW, I miss New York City.....a lot.....still.
Tags: indians, los angeles, sports, writing
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