Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Hey universe, can i have some cash to go home?

I want to see another game at The Jake (& take the Indians up on their invitation to host me in their social media deck), i want to go play tennis on my beloved clay courts at the park (good luck finding a clay court in SoCal that isn't private), i miss warm spring/early summer rain (i don't miss storms), i miss my ice cream/slushie hookup at The Arrow Queen. Most importantly....I want to see my dad. He's been in the hospital like 4 times since I was home at Christmas and i've yet to be able to go home. Plus, half the time I go home, I get better auditions through my agent there (just due to my L.A. status making me big fish in little pond & less competition) and better pictures through Photo God. Also, if i go home, I can finally get some damn ADD or anti-anxiety drugs without the freaking bullshit hassle this damn ridiculous mixed-up-priorities crock of fucktard state is giving me regarding obtain pills for my condition.

Dear universe, please deliver me enough cash to go home for like 2-3 weeks while still being able to pay my bills and not stress the hell out a paycheck.
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