Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model: The finale

-we get not 1, but TWO fun-filled smize-ing hours tonight.
-I have to say that I'm not fond of the double elimination into the finale. They did that last year too. it's kind of crap.
-hey Krista, something tells me that if you make the final four on this show that you USUALLY don't have to go back to your menial piece of crap survival job afterwards. Some modeling agency in a major market WILL pick you up....and definitely a minor market. So no more store manager for you.
-nothing like a runway show at 35,000 feet. Good thing they're in New Zealand because i'm pretty sure it's otherwise against FAA regulations.
-i've dated enough football players to say that Raina doesn't walk like a linebacker, she walks like a defensive tackle.
-"2 people goin home...that's some drama for your ass" -Angelea (actually i think that's drama for more than just your ass).
-And again, i think it was much better when it was 4, then 3 and then using the Cover Girl commercial to get down to the final 2 for the runway show.
-really?! um, i think it was just like 4 cycles ago that Whitney (a plus-size) girl won Top Model. Come on, Alexandra, do your research.
-Classy Raina tries to snake a some of Krista's prize booty by reminding her that she has duplicates. Hell, I wouldn't share either.
-I say Raina and Alexandra are going home with Angelea and Krista stomping this shit out to the death.
-so i got half of it right and I think that Krista is going to wipe the floor with Raina and if she doesn't, then this show is rigged as all hell.
-right now, i give the edge to Krista because her walk is just so much better.
-acting lesson 101: don't be so committed in your choices that you can't make a change when someone or something throws you a curve ball.
-here's a first. Tyra flies the families in for the finale.
-dear lord, Raina's walk is AWFUL even for a fun, flirty runway show and her thighs jiggle a lot, but that's partially because she so muscular there from sports.
-nice to see that Tyra saved the most god-awful jumpsuit for last. Damn that thing is hideous.
-i give the runway to Krista, photo shoot to Raina, commercial to Krista, body of work over the season to Krista.
-everyone watch out, Tyra is about to give birth to another baby.
-And I pick another one! It's not ego, i'm just that good. Now can we please return to having "my life as a cover girl" because I want to see more of Krista (though hopefully, she'll eat a sandwich now)

See you again in the fall!
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