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From Twitter 05-11-2010

  • 00:26:41: @SaraJBenincasa i'm watching gossip girl and I'm kinda tipsy. gonna start Xmen 2 after this.
  • 00:43:59: Time to watch X-men 2 so I'm full of tomboy adrenaline for another 24 hrs. I live on it. probably why i'm single...i don't like chick flicks
  • 01:16:29: This year may have started slowly with Mars retrograde in your... More for Leo
  • 03:04:56: X-men 2....not impressed. Iron Man 2 & Spidey 2 are the platinum & gold standards upon which superhero movies are judged now.
  • 03:15:48: @scourgeoe iron man 2 is platinum, baby! i saw it sunday night. up until then Spidey 2 was king of Marvel.
  • 03:22:06: and then go vote for my friend's baby "little flirt"
  • 03:28:33: thanx, piece of shit lakers! I am out of a shift for wed. since they are not playing now. wonder if Kobe will pay my rent when i'm short
  • 03:58:57: @jaycrawfordespn are you crazy?!? No pain meds?!?
  • 12:07:55: @snowwhiteonacid anything that i have to pay for is off the market for a while.
  • 13:08:19: ugh! come on universe....i need some money!
  • 13:35:44: Universe....commercial audition would be nice right about now. Maybe something print, I don't get it.
  • 15:26:52: I can't even get starbucks to interview me...WTF?!?
  • 15:42:30: @snowwhiteonacid everyone just takes my resume and says "we'll keep it on file"
  • 15:43:21: I feel so miserable after job hunting daily with NO results that i want to crawl in bed and cry. I hate this!!! I can't even buy groceries!
  • 15:46:30: tempted to ask @hughhefner to give a small-boobied girl a break so I can pay my rent next month.
  • 15:49:13: if anyone knows of ANY restaurant/bar hiring in studio city, hwood, weho, burbank or sherman oaks....let me know! need a 2nd job...NOW!!
  • 16:31:28: @Wolffem yep and submitted to it.
  • 16:41:20: my anxiety is through the damn roof. Maybe I should see if my crappy "covers nothing" insurance can cover that.
  • 17:47:14: I'm at Studio Cafe (4000 Colfax Boulevard, at Ventura, Studio City).
  • 17:59:16: @OGOchoCinco no more scaring me like that
  • 18:17:42: Uh oh Rasheed Wallace having foul issues
  • 18:59:26: This is the Ohio sports curse at work
  • 19:11:39: Dear Indians, I implore you to sacrifice your win to the Ohio sports curse today so that the cavs might come back & win
  • 19:33:56: @castrovince the indians need to blow it and jump on the sword to appease the ohio sports curse so the cavs can win
  • 19:34:53: @snowwhiteonacid hugs :( baby, want to come over? we're drinking
  • 19:39:53: I'm going to need a 12-step meeting after this game.
  • 19:49:37: @PatrickDobson yes it has. the curse states that no 2 CLE teams can win on the same day. Branyan picked a hell of a time to exit his slump
  • 19:56:51: ready to start throwing shit. Eff this. turned game off to watch Chuck from last night! Screw you Lebron! giving my womb back to Sizemore
  • 21:19:49: just filmed The Courtney Love Cocktail Hour with me as Courtney Love. All hail alcohol-fueled improv. Dress up + vodka = AWESOME!!!
  • 22:03:08: @hooters_burbank y'all hiring. I ain't got much up top, but i got ass for weeks plus i know lots about sports and wings.
  • 22:48:26: @jimmykimmel 24 hrs on the spoiler alert. that covers all time zones.
  • 22:49:00: you expect me to do math after all the vodka and beer I've had tonight!?!?
  • 22:51:01: @OGOchoCinco my mama is really stressed taking care of my sick father, can you give her a shout out? thanx doll.
  • 23:27:04: @snowwhiteonacid come on, we know i only hit the town as Layla Phoenix
  • 23:28:03: I think i'm going to puke. Spencer Pratt is trending. I might puke cuz I dated the 99-cent version of him.
  • 23:50:38: @susynandfolsom scenario i read: if Nebraska & Missouri go Big 10, then TCU, BYU and/or Boise St. will head to big 12.
  • 23:57:38: @susynandfolsom big 10 really wants a school to put them in NYC tv market as well. rutgers is leading candidate.

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