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From Twitter 05-10-2010

  • 01:11:33: You don't mind receiving support or constructive criticism fro... More for Leo
  • 01:21:12: now up to 4 full months on without a single date. WASTE. OF. MONEY!!!
  • 01:32:38: and the best part is that after 6 months, they will give me 6 more months of something that's not working for FREE. oh joy!
  • 01:40:38: i keep going from cranky to "wishing I had a boyfriend" sad. i love mood swings....not.
  • 02:36:55: Lonely. Sick of sleeping alone. Just want to remember what it feels like to be held.
  • 13:05:10: @snowwhiteonacid i have no idea. if i had the answer, i don't think i would be dateless for as long as i have
  • 13:05:40: @stevenbward been on 4 months, not a single date :( advice?
  • 13:12:29: RT @tribetalk: RT @931TheFan: #Indians RHP MITCH TALBOT is only rookie in #MLB w/ 4 wins, t-2nd in the league overall, 2nd in AL rookies ...
  • 13:16:41: i don't know what you're all talking about. my followers and everything are fine :)
  • 13:22:10: @ryandrake somehow I don't think my landlord will take "oh i bought a guy a drink" as an excuse for not paying my rent. money that tight.
  • 13:25:00: @Orchid_Liu my male friends say I intimidate guys with my vast sports knowledge. used to be a sports writer.
  • 13:33:42: @Orchid_Liu 26-35, 5'8 or taller, no jacked up teeth, no tats (or 1 small), fit non-smoker/non-druggie, prefer blue eyes.
  • 13:41:00: @Orchid_Liu both. most don't reply. guys contacting me are like 20 yrs older than me. fat, balding and gross. ick.
  • 14:34:17: "guns are a way of life in Texas. Then....and now" -America, The Story of Us.
  • 14:57:58: way to waste money CA, send me THREE letters to tell me I got $0 in unemployment last yr cuz my boss LIED his way out of it!
  • 15:00:56: @TimBella hahah! no, i said this is how rumor gets started...when we both go to bed at the same time!
  • 15:24:13: just got my main credit card apr dropped 5% just by calling them. doesn't hurt to ask if ur credit score goes up, do it!
  • 15:24:43: @sportsarc tennis film? I played in college & I can be a local hire!
  • 15:32:41: scary, but i'm canceling my health insurance because it COVERS nothing. i'm better off on my own than wasting my money on that.
  • 15:39:57: and they won't let me cancel my coverage until open enrollment!! FUCK YOU AETNA! YOU ARE THE WORST INSURANCE EVER!
  • 15:40:38: correction...SRC, a DIVISION of Aetna!
  • 16:29:07: @Rhiannon2408 I need lakers to lose so I have a shift on Wednesday. Otherwise I don't get paid
  • 17:20:12: I'm at 24 Hour Fitness (6380 W Sunset Blvd, Ivar, Hollywood) w/ 2 others.
  • 19:34:23: I'm at Dillon's Irish Pub & Grill (6263 Hollywood Blvd, Vine St, Los Angeles) w/ 2 others.
  • 19:53:54: I don't care if you lakers fans win, but wait to do it Wednesday so I can keep my shift at work
  • 20:16:54: @Rhiannon2408 it's BAD! If my shift gets canned I will only make $100 this whole week
  • 20:35:54: Universe please....I need a new job so bad. I'm having panic attacks again over money.
  • 21:26:29: I'm at Studio Yogurt (12050 Ventura Boulevard, Laurel Canyon, Studio City).
  • 21:55:48: I'm at The House Patsy & Edina Built (Camarillo Street, North Hollywood).
  • 22:04:10: @snowwhiteonacid we should sue them for false advertising
  • 22:05:00: @snowwhiteonacid got it!
  • 22:31:36: @OGOchoCinco i don't even need to fly. i just want tickets!
  • 23:32:18: @OGOchoCinco man, u gotta warn me when you're taking your shirt off dancing so i can tell my mom. gonna give my 72yr old mama a heart attack
  • 23:54:24: having a Baldwin almost ALWAYS makes a show/film better.
  • 23:56:45: Jenny Humphrey needs to do something about that scraggly ass weave #gossipgirl

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