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From Twitter 05-05-2010

  • 01:14:17: You might be surprised when you realize that a current disagre... More for Leo
  • 01:29:56: Some guy yelled at his buddy for not moving so I could pass on the sidewalk "respect the ladies when they are walking"
  • 02:06:23: @LovinTheTribe Kearns would've still brought me a goose egg on numbers.
  • 02:06:48: @snowwhiteonacid i should be able to. what time? I REALLY need to job hunt and hit the gym hardcore.
  • 02:07:03: @bensbrain7 ah poor brain, you can learn class though.
  • 02:10:08: Did you know that M Fredric (as seen on The Biggest Loser last night) is owned by the father of Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine?
  • 02:13:58: I love my hair people, but I want to, just once, have Jonathan Antin do my hair.
  • 02:50:26: I cannot WAIT to see SNL on Saturday with Betty White. I haven't been excited over SNL since the 90s.
  • 03:00:20: happy @OGOchoCinco De Mayo!!! (the Ocho is silent)
  • 03:01:17: there needs to be an Iphone app where @jillianmichaels just yells at you & you can play it while doing cardio
  • 03:55:23: my anxiety must be through the roof again, i bit all my nails like you wouldn't believe. supposedly, it's linked to anxiety.
  • 04:18:48: Why anxious? Oh boss sent email to all the servers advising we get 2nd jobs for the summer.
  • 12:41:18: @ryanbasham have you tried the subway?
  • 12:42:37: What the HELL happened to Rodney Peete? He was on Celeb Apprentice to get a charity check from his wife and looked awful!
  • 12:48:45: wouldn't you know it, someone else in L.A. won the Mega Millions.
  • 13:34:27: just heard that @Gen_Art has gone belly up. No more fashion shows or movie premieres from them.
  • 13:47:47: @CosmoOnline i think you could've found better picture of Pink
  • 14:16:43: @goldieisworking what do you mean from where? everywhere.
  • 14:17:39: @goldieisworking oh where did i heard it? email from them.
  • 15:12:37: Can my baseball team get ANY worse? I mean, I know the answer is "yes, look at the O's" but this is pretty awful.
  • 15:42:28: my phone isn't ringing with anything. where are all the print auditions my new pix were supposed to bring? I has a sadz.
  • 15:43:29: @AgentwithaChirp i hope some come my way.
  • 16:27:38: jesus...i'm having a damn anxiety attack simply trying to sort laundry today.
  • 16:47:54: @snowwhiteonacid yeah i don't know if i'm going to be recovered by then to go. I've kinda of gotten sidetracked today w/ things i need to do
  • 16:48:33: @snowwhiteonacid that "everyone get a 2nd job" email from the boss really has me freaked out and worried
  • 16:50:52: Know an actor/model who just moved to LA & wants to get started right? Send them my way. consultations: $50/hr.
  • 17:48:43: @stevenbward omg, didn't know that was yours. I totally submitted!!!
  • 18:54:43: I'm at Maytag coin laundry (Verdugo, Hollywood way, Burbank).
  • 20:01:24: Why do creepers insist on talking to me or trying to hit on me?!? Go away crazy
  • 20:26:11: DUDE!!! I'm not fucking interested in talking to your creeper ass. Stop trying. You look like a damn dirty 50yr old perv!
  • 20:49:50: @OGOchoCinco this dude was crazy cakes & not in fun crazy way. More like leave my body in a ditch crazy
  • 21:16:39: @jamesbaltazar show off
  • 21:33:08: @OGOchoCinco velvet Margarita cinco de mayo party...i'm sure you can crash it.
  • 21:34:49: @johncpacker this is our year, baby! don't believe the hype about LBJ's elbow. that's just for show.
  • 22:52:38: I'm at Velvet Margarita Cantina w/ @snowwhiteonacid.
  • 23:19:52: @OGOchoCinco get to velvet margarita! Cahuenga/Selma
  • 23:40:29: Spotted: dude who played David on new melrose place & shanna moeckler @ velet margarita
  • 23:41:08: @ryanbasham yeah me too. I want to do a guerilla photo shoot on it

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