Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Blogging America's Next Top Model

-Oh damn you Air New Zealand for your round trip $800 commercial. you are so tempting, but I don't think bankruptcy should be in my future for maxing out my credit cards to make my South Pacific vacay of Oz-Kiwi-Samoa come true.
-I knew the lovefest between Angelea and Krista was going to turn sour as the competition heated up. If you don't believe me, go back through my blogs and find where I predicted it.
-well! there's a first, some damn model set the house on fire! The worst part is that it's the one that is married with a kid and she did it trying to use a toaster to cook taco shells. To make matters worse, she tried to pour water on the burning toaster. Yep, water on an electrical fire. Way to go, Jessica!
-Jessica thinks Alexandra and Krista are mean because they said her "baby was screwed" because she's a stay-at-home mom who can't/doesn't cook. They're not mean, they're honest. get over it. your baby is screwed....or at least more likely to be obese.
-No, Angelea, you are not the only one to not see Lord of the Rings. I haven't and I really have no interest to see it either.
-Krista is clearly becoming the front runner, BUT we've seen how fast the tide can turn and the winner one week can be eliminated the next especially when the ego starts taking over and you get cocky about things.
-i don't know what is funnier: "oh mylanta" (from Reina on Top Model) or "Oh my gravy" (from the cowboys on The Amazing Race)
-Reina looks so angry in her picture & I'm not too fond with this whole theme now that I'm seeing it in action.
-I'm going to go with Reina and Jessica in the bottom 2 and Jessica going home (they always hate on the commercial girls in most cases)
-Alexandra is going to have best picture (or, i can't believe Krista got it again, I really like Alexandra's better)
-If commercial is the "kiss of death" on top model, then why even bring girls on who can be commercial?
-I think it's going to go down:
4: Reina
3: Angelea
2: Alexandra
winner: Krista (unless it goes to her head)
Tags: entertainment, tv
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