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From Twitter 05-02-2010

  • 00:18:25: @thegregjohnson what happened to your Celtics?!? WITNESS *throws powder in the air*
  • 00:21:49: agent told casting director i wasn't redhead anymore, casting: that's ok, we'll pay to dye her hair & then dye it back. audition tues.
  • 00:34:26: @rtoro20 i'm jealous
  • 01:09:08: Just when you believe that you know exactly what is real, the ... More for Leo
  • 01:15:01: All hair the NY street vendor and NYPD for taking care of business and keeping a tragedy from happening in Times Square.
  • 01:18:19: Insider info: look at G. Sizemore's stance. his back is STILL injured & he's not talking again. bet money on it! #indians #cleveland #tribe
  • 01:19:16: I'm going to wear my Cavs shirt under my uniform tomorrow. Screw the Lakers!
  • 02:07:04: Bedtime. I hate Lakers fans and I hate mornings. So having to deal with lakers fans at 9am should be fun in the morning. #kobeisarapist
  • 02:08:26: I just unlocked the "Local" badge on @foursquare!
  • 02:08:26: I'm at The House Patsy & Edina Built (Camarillo Street, North Hollywood).
  • 08:03:50: Rockin the pink Tribe hat today. Remind these lakers fans that C'land is ALWAYS in the house
  • 08:04:26: Because the same savage lakers fans are also trashy dodgers fans
  • 08:37:30: WITNESS!!! I hate lakers fans (except @Rhiannon2408) she is not arrogant like most of them & she knows how to tip
  • 10:03:05: I'm at ESPN Zone (1011 S Figueroa St, at W 11th St, Los Angeles).
  • 10:11:38: What is up with the Tribe constantly tossing up the long ball in the first inning?!? Bloody hell
  • 11:51:08: @castrovince great to see that Grady has a pulse after all
  • 11:59:49: @tribetalk will Jobu accept Malibu as a rum offering? Or just straight up regular rum?
  • 13:05:18: Sizemore didn't even TRY to throw that ball home. Ugh!
  • 13:09:36: SOMEONE send Marson back to AAA already. Hell I could've completed that simple play!!
  • 13:10:34: @castrovince they really need to sen him down already. Horrible fielder, horrible BA, just horrible
  • 14:17:41: @LovinTheTribe tell her that he's saving the Armani for bigger things like when he wins it all in about a month.
  • 16:57:16: I'm at Metro 7th St.
  • 17:33:24: Frappé!!! (@ McDonald's - Noho)
  • 17:45:21: I'm at California credit union (North Hollywood).
  • 18:03:07: @wrongheaven have you seen his commercial with The Situation?
  • 18:03:59: Good god!! Go somewhere private to do THAT!!!
  • 21:14:52: Seth has definitely crossed a line just FIVE minutes into the 150th ep of Family Guy. This "shit" is going to be off the chain!
  • 22:21:05: @OGOchoCinco yes you can.
  • 23:46:43: Barrowman's American accent on Desp. Housewives is freaking better than mine and I was born here!
  • 23:52:54: @elizabeth_ann ah well then that would explain the Midwesterness to it.

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