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From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 00:47:24: I'm at Casting Office (3575 W Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles).
  • 01:43:08: Although you may be able to take the high road today, you are ... More for Leo
  • 02:02:35: @LetsGoTribe 1. have never tried salsa, 2. I'm all over those nude shots. 3. how about extreme Red Sux hatred?
  • 02:40:07: if every picture in your dating profile is you with a bunch of bimbos hanging all over you, I'm going to think "manwhore" & pass.
  • 02:43:20: still figuratively peeing down my leg from a private tweet earlier tonight. I may complain at times, but I love my baseball team always
  • 03:15:35: Anyone else having a problem with MLBlogs? It won't let me publish anything. 2 nights in a row now. ugh.
  • 12:54:00: @LittleLeaP
  • 12:55:30: RT @BeThePlus: Did you know that if Ohio were a country, it would rank 26th in the world for the largest economy?
  • 13:00:56: @HarloweBlonde normally, i want nothing to do with horror films, but I want to see Nightmare (partially from girl crush on Katie Cassidy)
  • 13:03:25: @JennHoffmanFoto I can do any day mon-thurs. just let me know when.
  • 13:05:18: @brandiford congrats. hey, are you still casting your webseries?
  • 13:08:27: @DHuff11 have u ever checked out the cemetery across from the stadium? Lot of history there.
  • 13:40:16: @espnext_jerry mine was just a check up
  • 13:41:15: Thanx for all the #FF love everyone! let's get me to 500 by the the All-Star break!
  • 13:59:09: just picked up a catering gig for Tuesday night.
  • 13:59:26: @espnext_jerry it was only 1
  • 14:05:58: I've decided I'm going to start doing actor/model consultations for newbies to L.A.
  • 14:29:18: @ZuzannaWanda come to the Iphone dark side....we have cookies (and an app for that as well)
  • 14:30:09: if Sizemore and Hafner could get their heads out of their asses, the Tribe lineup could be lethal w/ as hot as Choo & Kearns are.
  • 14:35:49: I'm trying to see the Duran Duran-influence that everyone is talking about in new Xtina video. I see Madonna & George Michael, not DD.
  • 14:41:26: RT @JennyfromMTV: I just walked in and busted my vibrator calling an abused hotline. I yelled, "HANG UP, or I'll knock the batteries rig ...
  • 14:48:39: @brandiford let me know if i can audition for anything :) I play an excellent sarastic bitch!
  • 16:16:38: I'm at ESPN Zone (1011 S Figueroa St, at W 11th St, Los Angeles).
  • 23:22:07: Lakers, please teach your fans how to treat their servers with respect & how to properly tip
  • 23:23:14: Also if I give u a compliment, don't get up in my face & ask me if I'm tripping especially if u want me to get ur drink right at the bar

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