Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I've discovered Rally Monkey repellent

Feel free to share this remedy with other teams throughout MLB. I have discovered monkey repellent. It will rid your team of the wrath of the rally monkey. I came upon this discovering sitting in the right field seats at the Apr 27th Indians/Angels game. I try to make it to at least one of the 3 games for each series they play vs. the Angels because it's the only time all year I get to see my beloved Tribe. (though last year, I traded one of the Angels game for seeing a home game in Cleveland while I was visiting my family in Ohio)

The monkey repellent is play "Shock The Monkey" by Peter Gabriel on your ipod/iphone/whatever music device you have & point it towards the field. It works on both offense and defense too. I think you have to be in the stadium though because I tried it for a bit for the final game of the series on Wednesday Apr 28th & it didn't work as well (though to be honest, I couldn't do it when we needed it most in the 9th inning because I was at work)

And for any non-Tribe fans reading this, if you don't have Shin-Soo Choo on your all-star ballot, you are a fool who can't respect a TRUE 5-tool player to plays his heart out. When the ball left his hand on a throw to home, I stood up and said "you're so out Matsui" and sure enough...he was! Do NOT dare to test Choo's arm because he will make you pay dearly for it.

By the way, it was nice to see that Angels fans aren't the complete savages that I had pegged them to be. In previous visits to Angel Stadium, I'd had beer, peanuts and even quarters thrown at me. (and the craziest thing about the quarter throwing was that the Angels were winning 9-1 at the time). This time was no problem. The fans around me realized that I was a girl who was passionately cheering for her team. They gave my friend more crap than me, but let's be honest, she deserved it....she was wearing her Boston Red Sox hat (still love you S!).

Maybe they didn't harass me so much because i gave them something to think about....True Indians fans will never call the stadium anything but The Jake. True Angels fans will still say their team is from Anaheim. (and if you're not familiar with Southern California geography, this team is, bare minimum 30 minutes from Los Angeles, but let's be honest it more like an hour AT LEAST. it's not even in the same county as Los Angeles. It would be like calling the Reds AA team the Cincinnati Dragons instead of the Dayton Dragons...the proximity is very similar once you factor in traffic with mileage)
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