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blogging america's next top model

-Wow, we're headed to such a hotbed of model activity.....New Zealand. Um, excuse me? Is there even any fashion week in that country (i later found out, yes, but it's only 8 years old)? I mean, when i think New Zealand, I think hot singers named Daniel Bedingfield and filming movies like Lord of the Rings. I don't think fashion week and modeling mecca of the world.
-Uh oh....Alasia is bringing her Kudos bars. watch out, we might have another red bull/granola bar incident ala Cycle 5.
-stop the presses, Alasia is actually ready on time and not the last one in the elevator.
-Jessica must have taken geography class with Miss South Carolina aka Caite from The Amazing Race. she thought New Zealand was right above Canada. Uh no, that's the North Pole.
-It's also go-see week which is always an adventure and someone will ALWAYS be late.
-This Top Model Lounge things needs to go away, it makes Bianca and Laura both look like they have watered down personalities.
-Angelea being all cocky leads me to believe that she's going to be the late one....shockingly no. wow, the editors are actually catching onto things now & not giving away stuff with the editing.
-you know what isn't a shocker? Alasia is late.
-BAAAAAAA! (that was my sheep imitation)
-couldn't Air New Zealand lost that luggage marked "tyra's jumpsuits"? Hell, she's looking like she belongs in a Lady Gaga video
-Alasia is going to be in the bottom 2 with Jessica (Angelea is probably going to be 4th called)
-Reina or Krista will have best photo
-Looks like Tyra is taking the reins of the camera next week.
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