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From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 01:08:16: Once again you must consider how your core beliefs affect your... More for Leo
  • 02:32:42: tomorrow, i'm going to work out (unless my bruised leg still hurts), then nothing but tv/magazine veg out! taking the day off completely!!
  • 03:02:04: Wish I had someone to cuddle with :(
  • 12:23:29: @_marramarie_ what fountain of youth do these DD boys drink from?
  • 12:24:05: I want my husband to look this hot at 50: happy bday Roger Taylor of DD
  • 12:28:02: RT @ricom15: U remember when you had a high school crush on someone , and now they look like shit and now they wanna be nice child please
  • 12:29:22: @BenWhitehair i'm up 67% as well :)
  • 12:52:59: @MatchDotCom good for her. meanwhile, i've been on there 3 months and not a single worth date candidate. just guys who are eyesores.
  • 13:33:23: Who wants to join me at Mickey's in WeHo tonight for RuPaul's Drag Race finale tonight? Raven & Morgan McMichaels usually perform. 9pm.
  • 14:27:58: I'm at Runyon Canyon (1900 N Vista Drive, at Franklin, Los Angeles) w/ 2 others.
  • 15:43:23: I'm at 24 Hour Fitness (6380 W Sunset Blvd, Ivar, Hollywood) w/ 4 others.
  • 17:22:38: Workout done. Starving. Tomorrow at this time I'll be on the road to Anaslime to see my beloved Indians! Grady's Ladies for life (or 2012)
  • 17:57:36: I have extra ticket to Angels-Indians tomorrow. Right fld: $20.75 (includes hot dog & soda). leaving my place @ 4-4:30 if you carpool w/ me
  • 17:59:07: @LovinTheTribe it wouldn't be pretty. i would yell like @jillianmichaels
  • 18:23:45: @agentadvice i booked a national magazine fashion editorial & international music video off craigslist w/o an agent or manager
  • 18:30:40: @stevenbward getting so frustrated. tried like everything. nothing is working. still dateless :( even focused on myself for a while. advice?
  • 18:43:07: @agentadvice yeah, craigslist isn't for the naive or easily swayed. you have to know how to read the listings for red flags.
  • 18:58:02: just got released from the project that I'd been in the running for at NBC. ugh!
  • 20:49:57: I'm at Mickey's (8857 Santa Monica Blvd, Larrabee St, West Hollywood).
  • 20:52:32: @bensbrain7 I'll still let you call me bootylicious
  • 21:54:45: @DanielleCasting I'm at mickeys watching RuPauls drag race finale at mickys in Weho
  • 22:40:00: @castrovince ugh. U traveling wth the team on this series? I'll be at ye game tomorrow. Right field seats
  • 23:13:50: I'm tall, my friends are not. Sorry if you get pissed when I stand near the stage with them. Get the fuck over it

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