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From Twitter 04-25-2010

  • 00:00:55: @jamesbaltazar that was some good ish. i don't know why people are so squimish about them
  • 00:01:11: @BenWhitehair don't worry. there will be other dillon's visits. i love that place.
  • 00:46:30: my cat is mimicking my roomie on the recliner. they are both zzzzz'd out. i need to be z'd out too. work at 8:30am
  • 00:52:42: @BenWhitehair dude! to bed...NOW! that's an order.
  • 01:02:36: Your emotions could be stressed to the max today, forcing you ... More for Leo
  • 07:29:53: Leg hurts do bad from where I nailed it on the corner of a table
  • 08:10:33: My work apparently ignored my memo about that not getting up before 8am for less than $100
  • 14:38:47: @OGOchoCinco heat won
  • 14:40:26: Dear Tribe...STOP being bipolar
  • 14:44:49: @LovinTheTribe as long as we stay w/i 5 games I'm fine with that. Frustrated but fine
  • 14:46:42: Hey Joakim Noah, how does LeBron's ass taste?
  • 15:31:40: @LovinTheTribe yeah THAT gets hired over me at ESPN
  • 15:32:04: RT @CavsWITNESS: Dear #Bulls fans, I now #SeeRed. All those empty seats...lots of red.
  • 15:34:02: @LovinTheTribe i have a damn broadcast journalism degree & had to scrap that and start acting to get in front of a camera.
  • 15:42:13: @susynandfolsom I have a problem w/ the fee they charge. if they really wanted to raise awareness, they wouldn't make it a REQUIRED donation
  • 15:58:30: @susynandfolsom yes, but I find it shady to call it a donation when it's REQUIRED. just call it a fee. Cavs won, Tribe lost.
  • 16:15:50: @DHuff11 see y'all on Tuesday! I got right field seats...tell Choobaca, Grady or Pronk to hit me a ball! I'll be waiting with my glove :)
  • 16:16:03: RT @LovinTheTribe: I totally love that Noah's vacation is going to start right here in Cleveland on Tuesday about ohhhhh 10:30 or 11 pm.
  • 16:17:04: @LovinTheTribe when the Cavs win it all, I'm gonna stand in front of Staples, Cavs shirt on, powder in hands, yell WITNESS & film it!
  • 16:20:46: @LovinTheTribe if i live to tell. I also have plans to sit in Mannywood @ Dodgers Stadium & taunt him.
  • 16:25:54: @LovinTheTribe I mean, couldn't he have started juicing when he was with us? I mean, we might have won a WS had he started earlier. haha.
  • 16:35:14: i'm thinking Runyan around 5...anyone want to join me?
  • 16:49:54: The Indians are so damn bad today that Baseball Tonight won't even show their lowlights.
  • 16:52:12: @LovinTheTribe when did they test in 93? I thought the big testing was in 03.
  • 17:33:22: or not on the hiking. my cat jumped on me and zapped my energy
  • 19:29:15: @JLEWFifty I'm going to the game on Tues. Can't wait to see my Indians. Right field seats! me & 3 pals
  • 19:29:54: RT @xclevelander: The enemy of my enemy is my friend...Thanks Thunder for embarrassing the Lakers! Go Cavs!!
  • 19:30:22: @xclevelander loved the enemy of my enemy tweet. I HATE all these cocky Lakers fans I have to put up with in L.A
  • 19:52:30: @LovinTheTribe heck yeah. last season, Angels won 9-2 & those savages were throwing quarters at me from the upper deck!
  • 20:22:07: The World's Smallest Man on The Amazing Race is hilarious. the ciggy he is smoking is as big as he is.
  • 20:26:34: @DanielleCasting tell them you're 18TLY
  • 20:57:22: oh so sad, the world's smallest man died between filming and airing of The Amazing Race. darn there goes my plan to carry him in my purse.
  • 21:36:05: I just unlocked the "Newbie" badge on @foursquare!
  • 21:36:05: Drinks & SATC eps (@ The House Patsy & Edina Built w/ 2 others)
  • 22:45:28: baseblog:
  • 22:51:34: @SaraJBenincasa when am i getting a darn man? oh great prognosticator
  • 22:59:41: i'm putting this out on Twitter now...if you SPOIL Sex and the City 2 for me. There will be SERIOUS repercussions to be had.
  • 23:17:37: @LovinTheTribe bruce willis is the patron saint of parking.
  • 23:21:10: yes, i just put cheese on the nasty bruise i got at work when i nailed my leg on the corner of a metal patio table

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